This is     THOVIR        Inspired by lifestyle and design of Finland

This design is protected.

Keypoints of     THOVIR

balanced shape
easy to carry

very low
own weight

in variations

good looking

trough desgin

fit into
different furnishings


endless application
with this design

look like

Why YOU have to catch     THOVIR

Boring life without THOVIR!

You carry the firewood with your separate tool between your barn and your fireplace.

Packing and running and unpacking and running and packing...

Smashing everything on the floor to have enough firewood for the day?

This is working, right!  Are you happy with that?
So much better  life with THOVIR!

You can carry and storage your firewood with THOVIR!

Once you got to your barn fill up and walk relaxed to your firepalce.

Put it there - this is looking perfect.

You can pile THOVIR in different ways and how much you want - This is your style.

The Steps of developing     THOVIR

Making the hand sketches of THOVIR while I am travelling direction of Helsinki
Prototyping and material testing at my workshop in Sorsakoski & south of Germany
Product testing in real everyday use in nordic saunas
Preparation for supply sources raw material and working steps for the serial production of Thovir in Finland start from-mid 2022
Face to face pre-product presentation for professional and private users in Finland, Germay and Switzerland
Machine test run and production of the first THOVIR quantity south of Germany

Final remark:

I had to deal with the pandemic situation. So I used my workshop in south of Germany too for the THOVIR project.


workroom tmi     ■     Thomas Rieth     ■     79130 Sorsakoski     ■     Finland